This contract is between the client and the company African Extravaganza. The contract will come into effect once a booking has been confirmed in writing by the company to the client.


Booking: A reservation or reservations, which have been done by the client.


The person who accepts the booking, on behalf of himself, and persons under his authority if such booking is not done through a travel agency, which means that all are bound by the booking conditions as if they had individually made the applications themselves; The travel agency who places or accepts a booking for any person or company with African Extravaganza.


A non-refundable deposit of 20% of the total tour price is due once the booking has been confirmed in writing. The balance has to be paid 6 weeks prior to departure. Bookings made within 6 weeks of departure have to be paid in full upon receipt of confirmation. Documents will be released only upon receipt of full payment.


Cancellations must be made in writing. Upon receipt of the written notification, African Extravaganza will confirm receipt hereof and this date will determine the following charges:

Up to 31 days prior to departure: Deposit forfeited

30 days to 15 days prior to departure: 50% of the total fare forfeited

14 days to 8 days prior to departure: 75% of the total fare forfeited

7 to 0 days prior to departure: 100% of the total fare forfeited

It is mandatory for the client to be in possession of a cancellation insurance! Please note that if the reason for cancellation falls within the terms of any holiday insurance policy, which the client must hold, then any such charges would normally be refunded to the client by the insurance company, subject to the terms of the insurance.


Current tour prices as published in brochures and on the Internet are subject to alteration without prior notice. However, the company will do their utmost to hold any published prices. Rates could be adjusted due to variations in the rate of exchange, VAT or fuel price increases, which is out of the companies influence.


BY THE COMPANY: The company shall receive the right to change any tour due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. airlines not running on schedule, road conditions, weather, mechanical breakdown, accidents and political instability) beyond the control of African Extravaganza. The company will try to provide an adequate alternative, but will accept no liability whatsoever.

BY THE CLIENT: In case the client changes the itinerary on his own request, the company shall try to accommodate him, but may charge up to the cancellation fees. This is subject to a new quotation, which will be given by the client in writing.


At all times, the decision of the tour guide will be final on all matters likely to endanger the safety and well-being of the group. The client must at all times strictly comply with the laws, custom and foreign exchange regulations of all countries visited. Should the client be detected in any contravention of the law, customs or foreign exchange regulations, or should the client be a nuisance to the group, the guide may order the client to leave the tour without the right of refund. The client shall be obliged to make his own way home at his expense and responsibility. African Extravaganza cannot be held responsible whatsoever.

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While every precaution is taken to ensure the safety of all persons participating on the tour, the client, his/her heirs, dependents, agents, executors or their assignees, hereby irrevocably waive any rights which they may have to claim, any form of compensation for any damages which they may suffer due to injury or death during, or at any time after the tour, from African Extravaganza. Under no circumstances will African Extravaganza be responsible for death or any injury or loss, which might occur to such persons, sustained from any cause whatsoever. The client hereby indemnifies and holds African Extravaganza harmless against any and all claims of whatsoever nature.


It is the client's obligation to ensure that he is medically fit and able to embark on the tour. We recommend the vaccination against Hepatitis before travelling. Anti-malaria precautions should be commenced prior to departure and clients should bring insect repellents on tour.


The client must ensure that passport and visas are valid for the countries visited. African Extravaganza will not be held liable should a passenger be refused entry into any country for any reason.


The baggage allowance is 20kg per passenger unless otherwise stated. Infants under 2 years have no baggage allowance. All baggage and personal effects are at all times at the client's risk and African Extravaganza cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage of baggage or personal effects.


Travel and cancellation insurance is compulsory on all African Extravaganza Safaris. The client is aware that it is his responsibility to take insurance prior to commencement of travel.


African Extravaganza reserves the right without giving further notice, to make use of any photographs or films produced during any of their tours for general publicity purposes without payment or permission.


The airlines or other carriers concerned are not to be held responsible for any accident, omission or event during the time that passengers are not on board their aircraft or conveyance. The passengers contract in use by the airlines concerned or by other carriers concerned when issued constitute the sole contract between the airlines and/or carriers and the purchaser of these tours and/or passengers.


If the tour includes car rental, then the client should obtain an International Driving Permit before departure.


For technical reasons it is often not possible to include airport taxes in the tour prices published. In such cases, the passenger will be informed about the amount and should ensure that he has the money available in foreign currency at the time of departure from the country where airport tax is applicable.


The client should get himself acquainted with customary practices. African Extravaganza acts as agent for the client in making and securing of all arrangements for transportation, sightseeing or for hotel accommodation for the tour programme.

All details are correct at the time of publishing. African Extravaganza cannot be held responsible for any changes or inaccuracies, which may occur afterwards.

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