The Scenic Chiller Shuttle Service

This unique and newly introduced Shuttle service offers a great variety of combinations. Three times a week – on scenic routes – with stops in between – from one highlight to the next! Connecting Namibia’s
fascinating destinations with ease! The type and category of establishment – you want to stay at – is your choice! The Scenic Chiller Shuttle Service brings you door to door from one hotel/lodge or camp to the next one. The routes chosen are not just A to B, but combine the highlights on route in order to maximize your holiday experience. When you arrive at your chosen establishment, you have your own choice of joining
various activities and excursions or just relax. Don’t worry about car hire and driving! Just hop on and off! It’s chilled! It’s easy! You do not have to make use of the whole circuit - you can make use of just the routes you need! Please note, that the scheduled times can be adjusted to the Namibian winter and summer time.

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