Caprivi & Kavango
The Kavango and the Caprivi are hosts of a complex network of rivers and high summer rainfall have created a tropical ambience of riverine forests, flood plains and swamps. 

Herds of elephants cross through the area unhindered, rare antelopes like the sitatunga are seen occasionally, whereas the fearsome crocodile is a common inhabitant. It is also the home of over 400 of Namibia’s bird species. Rundu, situated on the banks of the Okavango River, offers a wood carvers market, an ancient craft, which is a flourishing industry today. The Popa Falls is a rapid in the Kavango River and one of the better known sightseeings. 

The Caprivi strip stretches its arm to the far north east and forms the border to four neighbouring countries: Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. 

It hosts the Caprivi Game Park, the Mudumu National Park, the Mamili National Park as well as the Forest Park on the borders to Zambia. The major city of the Caprivi is Katima Mulilo in the far north east. It is close to the borders to Kasane / Botswana and further to Victoria Falls / Zimbabwe. A new bridge has recently been built to lead over the Zambezi to Zambia.
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